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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

[PHOTO DIARY] Sunday's Brights

Sundays are the best days to spend time with your loved ones.
Though I have to work on Sundays, grabbing brunch and a cuppa never fails to brighten up the day :)
In this post I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses from SheCaptivates.
For those who know me, I am a huge fan of prints and colour so this dress perfectly fits the bill.
Love the dress' flattering 'skater' cut cos it helps balance my shape(I'm heavier on the bottom) and I paired my favourite black hat, statement booties(as my husband calls them cos he picked them out!) and Ferragamo crossbody bag.

We visited two cafes, Wheeler's Yard & Ronin.
While the former is really popular cos its been around for quite awhile, the latter does not lack in popularity despite being newer in comparison.

The mandatory shot with the cafe's popular blue front 

Alex picked them out from the store cos he says they're unique so he calls them "your black statement boots". They rank high on his list whenever I ask "what shoes do I wear? Lol~

Ronin's coffee...WOW!
These fig scones were freshly out of the oven and we got there so we gave them a try too.
Boy were they yummy! :)

Last shot of my pretty cappuccino

Cafe Addresses:
1) Wheeler's Yard
  1. Address: 28 Lorong Ampas, 328781
    Phone:6254 9128

Tue - Thu: 10:30 - 22:00
Fri - Sat: 10:30 - 23:00
Sun: 10:30 - 22:00

Closed: Mondays

2) Ronin
Address: 8 On Wo Lane, Hong Kong
Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat - Sun 8:00 am - 7:30 pm

Have a lovely Tuesday! :)

Monday, 8 December 2014

Hightea At Hotel Fort Canning

Went for hightea at Hotel Fort Canning with my friend Belle on Monday.
Its my day off and she's having her school holidays now; 
she teaches in a school so we thought, why not? :)

The journey there was quite an eventful one.
I picked her up at her home and on my way there, it started to pour like crazy!
There were flash floods along the way and I was so scared that something will happen to the car! 
The water from the flash floods were going into the private houses along lowland road.
I guess that's why they named the place lowland road :/
Anyway, there was also a tree that fell and the a 3 lane road became a 1 lane road cos one of the cars was trapped in the flood and that took up a lane.
The water came up to half wheel, my break lights came on and I was really scared that the car will stop or something...   
I told myself to keep calm, continue driving slowly and take a different route, 
let the water wash out of the engine or anywhere it went into earlier..

Finally made it to pick her and off we went to Hotel Fort Canning for our hightea in the park.
Though it was a rainy day, the hotel looks beautiful; cosy and luxurious interiors, full of old world charm.
The restaurant we had the hightea was not located in the main building so we had to walk out to the lawn area to access the restaurant.
We were ushered in by a very warm service staff who recommended us to get one set to share instead of two to try other items on their menu.
So we tried their chef's recommendation; cappuccino truffle mushroom soup.  

Here's our spread, everything in bite sized miniatures.

The hightea set included coffee/ tea so we had the TWG tea and chose the Earl Grey.

Sweets consisting of mini macarons and sugar rolls
The cappuccino truffle mushroom soup was so fragrant and tasty!

After the hightea, we took a little stroll around the hotel.

Wore my favourite midi skirt from AforArcade, I have this in almost all colours!
Yes, I'm that OBSESSED. 
Paired it with a striped top and since it was a rainy day, I finally wore my rain boots with ice cream socks! haha!

While this was not one of the most delicious food I've had,
the company, ambience and warm service by their service staff made up for far more than just good food.
Some places have very good food with bad service so what't the point right?
It cost us less than $50 for two for an afternoon of light bites in the lush green surroundings of beautiful Fort Canning Hotel.  

Have a lovely Monday!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Birthday Celebration Part 2 - House at Dempsey's Vintage Tea Party

For the 2nd part of my birthday celebration,
Alex surprised me with reservations for the vintage tea party at House at Dempsey knowing how much I'd wanted to try it.
We've gone there several times for our wedding anniversary brunch, 
afternoon tea and cakes etc and we really liked it there :)
He picked me up after my course and we headed over to House at Dempsey.

We were greeted by the friendly staff when we arrived and was shown to our seat by the  full length pretty bay windows.
My course ended late so we arrived only at 4pm so we quickly started on our rounds.

 Looking at the food area, the staff really put in alot of effort for the decor!
Its so pretty with all the flowers, vintage books and typewriters.

The wide variety of food included both sweet and savoury treats in small bite sized portions, true tea party style!

An assortment of lemon meringues, chocolate muffins, cream puffs and cookies

The savoury bites included this potato gratin which was to die for!
OMG so delicious!!!

Strawberry shortcake and other bites and puffs

Me in my vintage getup :)

Too bad I was too busy pigging out I didn't take any photos of the food display but only those on my plate! 

This vintage tea party is only available on Thursdays & Fridays,
guests are encouraged to come dressed in vintage fashion.
If you come dressed in vintage reminiscent of the 1920s (think Great Gatsby) you'll be given a 10% discount! 

Though I didn't exactly dress in 1920s fashion, my effort to dress in vintage style was still rewarded yay! :)))

It was definitely an afternoon well spent and I can't wait to go back there again!

After the tea party, Alex and I went for a stroll around the area in an attempt to digest the food and of course, take some pics :)

For today's outfit, I chose to wear a 1960s vintage dress with pussy bow neckline in a very comforting shade of cornflower blue.
Blue is one of my go to colours of late, maybe it calms me down subconsciously.
I find myself reaching for pieces in this shade very often.

What other bag to accessorize this dress with other than my mom's vintage Longchamp drum bag?
I love this design so so much.
I recently sent it for cleaning and colour touch up at Colourwash, 
very happy with the newly touched up colour. 

Love vintage pillbox hats too and I was simply over the moon when I found this piece!
I love the deep shade of navy which I feel, goes very well with my red hair.
The netting detail is my favourite <3

Kept my shoe choice simple by pairing with this trusty pair of chunky oxford heels

One of those days I feel truly happy and in my own skin.
Sometimes we chase so many things in life that we forget how simple things in life like spending time with those close to heart makes one happy.

Life is short,
do what makes your heart sing,
spend time with those that truly matter.

Have a good weekend <3 

Check out their website here
Address: 8D Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249672
For reservations: 6475 7787

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Birthday Celebration Part 1 - The Landing Point at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

October is my favourite month of the year not just because its my birthday month but its also the month where everyone( technically only those in the northern hemisphere) welcomes the arrival of Autumn! 
I'd love to experience this beautiful season for myself at least once in my life.
I picture it to be in gorgeous and rich shades of oranges, yellows and browns!
Thank goodness for Instagram,
I'm able to travel and experience all seasons through the eyes of the accounts I follow :)

Anyway for the first part of my birthday celebration, 
my mom gave Alex & I a treat to the The Landing Point's 3 tier English high tea at The Fullerton Bay Hotel.
We were a little early for the hightea so we went by Flock Cafe at Tiong Bahru for a cuppa and a Lemon Tart before heading to for the high tea.

The latteart never fails to make me happy :)
And I'm wearing a pretty little handmade macaron heart bracelet from my beautiful friend Jenny's etsy shop.
Isn't it so photogenic?

Off we go to The Fullerton Bay Hotel for our 3 tier high tea!
The interior of the hotel is so grand and gorgeous with its high ceilings and full length windows that allowed plenty of natural light to stream through.
It wasn't difficult to find a spot around the hotel that wasn't photogenic.

So here we are, this is the place where they serve another 3 tier hightea; 
The Heritage High Tea which consists of a combination of local and Peranakan delights 
(e.g.: Hei Bi Hiam Toast)

But we weren't going for the Heritage High Tea, so we headed over to the Landing point for our English High Tea.

Though we had made reservations before hand, the host took his own sweet time to show us to our table though the place was not crowded.
It also took quite a long while for them to take our order but I'm determined to take my time, relax and enjoy the hightea.

Since we were all pretty full from coffee earlier, 
we decided to order only one set to share.    
We were then told that if we order only one set to share among three people, we can't get any refills for both food and drinks.
So okay fine, we ordered an ala carte drink for Alex while my mom and I both had the pot of tea included in the set.

After the hightea, we went around to take some pictures since its such a beautiful hotel!
Would love to have a staycation here one day :)

Ambience: 5/5
Food: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5
The place is great for family and friends get togethers, pretty decor and setting but will we go back there?
Maybe or maybe not..