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Monday, 22 September 2014


Last week I had the lovely chance to spend a Monday morning having brunch with Alex.
Considering that I work weekends so having brunch is pretty rare or almost impossible.
But thankfully most cafes now serve all day breakfast so yay!
We decided to be commoners and paid a visit to Common Man Coffee Roasters, 
where Alex had his Common Man Full Breakfast and I had their Common Man Pancakes.
I really like their spacious interior and bar top design!
Take a peek at the food

Following my previous post,
I've been smitten by the wide leg silhouette of the palazzo pants and finally took out this little daisy number out for a breather!
She's been hiding in my closet for a year now...
I've taken her out countless times, to admire her and put her back hahaha...
Since Monday's are my days off, I decided to go for an airy and carefree look for our brunch date. 
What I really like about this daisy palazzo pants is that it comes with detachable straps, you can choose to wear it as a dungaree or just as a bottom.
Ahh...thoughtful Japanese designs!❤ 

For today's look, I chose to wear it dungaree style and paired it with a simple white vintage shirt, nude wedges, straw boater hat and biscuit bag.
Completed my look with a adorable little daisy necklace!

Close up of the daisy necklace

Top: Vintage
Bottom: Dip Drops
Wedges: Charles & Keith 
Bag: Bangkok
Hat: Talisman
Necklace: Femmedebloom 

Have a lovely week ahead!

Monday, 15 September 2014

[OUTFIT] Blanc et Noir

For friends who know me personally or friends who've been reading my blog or following me on Instagram, you'd know I'm a huge fan of prints.
I'm definitely not one you'd classify as minimalist. 
But for this outfit, 
I decided to try out something different from my usual style.

I've been very inspired by the wide leg palazzo pants look that's been trending all through spring and summer.
Contrary to popular belief about palazzo pants being only for tall thin women/models, 
I think someone who's vertically challenged can also pull off this look with the right kind of pairing and foot wear of course!

To balance out the wide leg silhouette, I chose to pair it with a simple loose fit sleeveless white button down which was perfect for our tropical weather.
I'd also pair it with fitted tops but personally I'd prefer to strike a balance by pairing with  
off-shoulder designs or horizontal stripes.    

The long length of the pants actually added height to my petite frame when paired with heels.
The height of the heels will also be affected by the length of your pants.
For mine, I think I altered it a tad too short for me to actually wear higher heels so I chose to pair it with this silver kitten heel to give it a metallic modern touch that went well with my necklace, earrings and watch.
Though the heels are not very high, I felt super tall in my palazzo pants that day!
Totally loving the roomy leg space too :)


Top: Vintage
Pants: AforArcade
Bag: La Palette
Heels: Charles & Keith
Necklace: Colette by Colette Hayman

Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Late Sunday afternoons spent with Alex are one of my favourite things to do.
We'd go in search of cafes around our sunny little island, unwinding over a nice cup of coffee and slice of cake.   
Its nice to just enjoy the comfortable silence and the ambience.
These Sundays are precious cos they only last from May till October before I start working till late at night on weekends which only leaves us with weekdays.

Anyway, we checked out The Bakery Chef at Bukit Merah Central cos my mom recommended their rainbow cake and we've also read some good reviews about their red velvet cake.

The 'woody' exterior of the cafe looks inviting and it definitely stands out among the other shops along this stretch of HDB flats.
More and more cafes are popping up at older HDB estates,
not that I'm complaining or anything.
I do enjoy seeing a little pop of modernism amidst nostalgia here and there but I just hope it doesn't change the entire 'feel'  of the place.

Here are the pics!

Outdoor sitting available cos the interior is very cosy and not very big,
there's a big kitchen though...
That means more yummy cakes right? 
They've got an array of cakes, waffles, coffee and beverages to choose from,
I really like the colour scheme of the front counter and cake display.

With so many choices to choose from, which ones shall we pick?
The 'special' cake for that week was 'CHOCOLATE RAINBOW', shall we go for that? 
Or the normal rainbow which is equally pretty?
Hmm...decisions, decisions...

We finally decided on the Chocolate RAINBOW Cake and Red Velvet!
Look, so pretty!

The chocolate rainbow cake was nice and pretty cos of all the floral piping decor but I'd like to try the normal one the next time :)
There were also chocolate bits in between the layers.
Great for chocoholics :D

The Red Velvet?
I've had red velvet cakes and waffles that were not very fantastic,
but cos of the recommendation on,
we decided why not just give it a try?
It was a great decision!
Okay, first look?
Looks normal...but first bite??
Like no other red velvet creations I've tasted.
It was delicious, the taste of the cream cheese and the red velvet sponge went so well together!
The sponge cake portion was light and fluffy, not dense and heavy like some others I've tried previously.
I'd recommend anyone who's going to check out this cafe to try their red velvet cos we are definitely gonna go back for more! 

Check out this cafe here:
  • Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central #01-3711
  • Singapore 150161
  • Opening Hours: 10am - 9pm daily

Till then,
have a fabulous Thursday!
Weekend's just around the corner :)

Thursday, 4 September 2014

[OUTFIT] Plaid Skort

Living in a tropical climate means having sunshine all year round,
the weather gets from hot to hotter with occasional downpours and the weather cools a little and then its back to the usual hot then hotter.
I wish I'm living in a country with 4 seasons!
My obsession with layering clothing is not new but its really such a bother when the weather is so unforgiving.
That's why I always look forward to travelling to countries that experience the 4 seasons.
I don't think I'm alone in this! :)

Anyway I'm wearing a cropped top and a plaid origami skort for today's outfit post.
I know the origami skort has been worn to death and back but I'm pretty sure there are very good reasons why people love it and still love it so much.
Like I've said in my previous posts, it is flattering for me cos I'm heavier on my thighs.
The foldover design also adds edge to any outfit. 
I'm also a huge fan of prints. In fact, I seldom have plain stuff except those few essential basics which are good for pairing and work of course.
The mood for this outfit street style edgy but not over the top, so its still wearable on daily basis.
 I paired it with my black booties from Charles & Keith which I've worn to death, studded bag, bowler hat and metal accessories.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Montigo Resort // Hens Night Celebration

To celebrate one of my dearest friend's upcoming wedding,
we set off for an all girls only staycation at....
We've heard so much about this place!
The view of white villas against the backdrop of the beautiful blue skies is reminiscent of the gorgeous Greek Island, Santorini.
The bride-to-be and Belle went for a staycation here earlier this year but its Michelle and my first time here.
Our ferry ride over to Nongsa was a short and pleasant one
but the weather didn't look too good..
The skies were overcast and we were hoping that it wouldn't rain!
We arrived at the ferry terminal after a 30 minute ferry ride and we were whisked away on a complimentary private land transfer to the resort.
The view from the resort lobby

We checked in,
off we go to our villa!
Can't wait!
We arrived at the doorstep of our gorgeous villa after a short buggy ride.
Once inside,
we were greeted with a large and spacious living room and balcony leading out to the private pool with a scenic view of the sea!
Time for some pictures :)
Welcome note and gift from the resort :)

 The very spacious living room with an attached kitchenette.
 Our private pool!
Doesn't the water look so inviting?
Can't wait to take a dip!

The resort has meal options that you can add on to your package and you can choose poolside dining or rooftop dining.

Our villa had two bedrooms,
Belle & I took this room.

I like the toilet 
 The master bedroom with the dreamy and inviting four poster bed shared by our bride-to-be and Michelle.
 I like our toilet....
Open air bathroom concept is just so cool like seriously...


 Before taking a dip in our very inviting pool,
we need to fill our stomachs cos we haven't had our lunch yet!
*Call for buggy service, wait, buggy transfer to the restaurant*
*Wait for buggy*
Hey, time for an OOTD!
or two..
Bride-to-be, Lai Yee's
We ordered some dishes to share

Everywhere in this picturesque resort is photo worthy,
so needless to say we were side tracked while heading back to our villa


while the bride rested 

Are you ready Laiyee?!

So cute!~
Michelle wants a piece of the action too hahaha!

enjoying the view of the sea,
ahh....this is the life!



we had a splashing good time,
but its time for us to wash up and get ready for some pampering treats at the spa.
After a rejuvenating 90mins of pampering,
our stomachs were growling again.
You know how it feels like you've got all the time in the world when you're away on such relaxing getaways?
That's exactly how I felt LOL~
Cos I'm usually working full Saturdays, so this is a long awaited break for me :)
Anyway, remember about the meal options that you can add on to the package?
We chose to have steamboat by the poolside.
Basically, the staff set up everything for us and all we had to do was to relax and dig in!

Michelle is hungry and doesn't want to smile for pics anymore hahaha

After the steamboat, we just called the kitchen and they came to clear everything.
We all rested before showering and getting ready for bed cos its actually pretty late!
We all brought facial masks for some pampering but after some girl talk, my friends told me I knocked out.
Yes, I was that tired, so much for the facial mask lol!
rise and shine!
Time for some breakfast at the hotel restaurant :) 

Yeap, its a rainy morning...

This was a different restaurant from the one we went for lunch yesterday.
I prefer the d├ęcor of this restaurant cos its nautical themed,
and you get a view of the sea while dining.

group shot!
Belle & Me 
Mad squeezing LOL!

It was still raining after we were done with breakfast.... 

After getting back to our villa, it was time to pack up
but not without taking some photos first! :D
Our photobooth hahaha~


Leave you with a shot of the curtain billowing in the wind.....
Checked out at the front desk and took a taxi to Batam Centre for some 'retail' and lunch.
  'Retail' consists mainly of stocking up hair care products.
After a short ferry ride, we were back on Singapore soil!
That pretty much sums up our girls only Hen's Night staycation at Montigo Resorts Nongsa!
Hope our bride-to-be enjoyed her Hen's Night celebration!